Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering (English Edition)is a bimonthly English journal,starts publication from 2014.
Administrated by :
Ministry of Education of China
Sponsored by :
Chang��an University
Richard Kim,North Carolina State University
Aims & scope:
As an academic journal,Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering (English Edition) provides a platform for exchange and discussion of novel and creative ideas on theoretical and experimental researches in transportation field.It publishes high-quality peer-reviewed papers on engineering,planning,management,and information technology of transportation.The journal is committed to rapid peer-review and publication.
The scope of Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering (English Edition) includes:

����Road engineering,railway engineering,bridge and tunnel engineering
����Automotive engineering,design,manufacture,and operation of vehicles
����Air transportation,maritime transportation,road transportation,railway transportation
����Analysis,operation,optimization,and planning of transportation systems and network
����Travel behavior,information technology,traffic control,traffic flow theory
����Economics,safety,and management of transportation
����Multimodal transportation and logistics research
����Intelligent transport systems
����Materials science

Current Issue
[Subhashish Deya,*,Ganesh Chandra Dhala,Devendra Mohana,Ram Prasadb]
[ Abstract]( 757) [PDF:13842KB] (507)
[Hui Hua,*,Jing Hea,Xiongfei Hea,Wanli Yanga,Jing Niea,Bin Ranb]
[ Abstract]( 748) [PDF:1022KB] (484)
[Mehmet Baran Ulaka,,Eren Erman Ozguvenb,Ren Mosesb,Thobias Sandoc,Walter Bootd,Yassir AbdelRazigb,John Olusegun Sobanjob]
[ Abstract]( 705) [PDF:7195KB] (477)
[Chinebuli Uzondua,b,*,Samantha Jamsona,Frank Laia]
[ Abstract]( 726) [PDF:2154KB] (462)
[Khaled Shaabana,*,Amro Maherb,Anusorn Singhapakdic]
[ Abstract]( 704) [PDF:905KB] (460)